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TIG’s Technology Means Your Freight Is Safe

One of the benefits of globalisation is in the opportunity it affords businesses to expand and trade on an international scale. No longer bound by geographic constraints, working from an office in Australia is no hindrance to establishing relationships with individuals and organisations all around the world. The best way to ensure your communication, transactions and dealings with individuals and organisations around the world is effective and methodical is by enlisting the services of those who know the territory like the back of their hand; TIG have been freight solution providers for more than twenty years, and remain at the forefront of e-commerce shipping integrations.

TIG Freight
17 February 2021

Shipping Solutions At The Touch Of A Button

The benefits of e-commerce shipping are many and varied, affording customers the most efficient and transparent services, whilst saving their business money as well as hours of paperwork. By integrating e-commerce shipping solutions into processes at each end, TIG can guarantee greater customer satisfaction. From this knowledge, OpenFreight was born. This software synchronises all processes into real time data ensuring our customers have access to services and updates in a single place, from the moment of booking right through to delivery.

TIG Freight
29 January 2021

Our Business And Yours: How We Can Help You, Help Your Customers

When it comes to freight management services, customer satisfaction is paramount. Freight management requires shipments to arrive in a timely manner, often navigating multiple platforms, parties and services, whilst delivering assured customer service which keeps clients informed every step of the way. TIG understands the trickle-down effect that occurs during the freight industry, and therefore we take your business on as though it were our own. In short, our business helps your business.

TIG Freight
28 December 2020

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