About ATP Science

ATP Science is a team of talented individuals who create amazing products to meet the needs of everyday athletes and everyday consumers. Their vision is simple; create innovative, nature-based products that move consumers towards health. The 4 core values they live by are: Nature Knows Best, Innovation & Development, Customer Education & Engagement, and No Compromise on Quality. They had recently implemented MYOB Advanced, but couldn’t utilise it fully without MYOB Integration.

The Challenge: MYOB Advanced Still Requiring Manual Processing

Being in the competitive sports supplement market and shipping their product both far and wide throughout Australia, ATP Science required a solution that could scale with them and provide time-saving efficiencies throughout the warehouse & delivery processes.

ATP Science had recently implemented MYOB Advanced and had not yet harnessed the full power of MYOB’s enterprise ERP. Processes were still very manual and there were many moving parts including a wholesale and retail component of their business, both of which required different solutions to best service their customers. In essence, ATP Science had outgrown the capabilities of a carrier-direct and manual process.

The Solution: Three-Pronged Software Synergy, with Open Freight and MYOB Integration

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ATP Science partnered with TIG Freight and eveXso to build a bespoke solution, which streamlined their warehouse operations through eveXo’s intelligent WMS. This drove their freight costs down through a tightly integrated solution with TIG Freight’s world-class integrated shipping platform, OpenFreight.

ATP Science drew down on the expertise of the team at TIG, to implement powerful business rules to help select the best and most appropriate carrier for their different business needs. Be it e-commerce, wholesale carton freight or palletised freight, TIG had it covered.

Through a native integration with MYOB Advanced, eveXso picks up ATP Science’s orders for processing in the warehouse. Being a world-class warehouse management system (WMS), eveXso allow ATP Science to streamline their entire warehouse operation. Once orders have been picked & packed, data is pushed through to TIG Freight’s integrated rules engine to select the most appropriate carrier, then automatically print the shipping labels in real-time.

The Results

  • Increased Efficiency - Through a tailored integrated solution, freight and warehousing is highly automated.
  • Improved Service - ATP Science can focus on serving their customers, whilst TIG takes care of the freight.
  • Decreased Cost - Using the combination of best-fit carriers for ATP Science’s business and least-cost routing, TIG helps keep freight costs down without hindering delivery performance.