About Number 1

Number 1 (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 2013, with a focus on superior brands for canine and feline consumption as a full-service distributor of natural pet products locally sourced from Australia and New Zealand. The Company is proud of its consistent year-on-year growth and rapid expansion of the products we represent.

Through a wealth of knowledge, contacts, care and exceptional communication we feel we are the Number 1 choice when it comes to full-service distribution of high-end natural pet products within Australia. They were utilising Oracle NetSuite, however, its implementation meant its potential wasn’t reached, calling for a NetSuite integration.

The Challenge: Outdated Processes and Unoptimised Oracle NetSuite Software

Having grown rapidly in such a short time, Number 1 had outdated processes that were no longer efficient at their new scale.

They started investing in digital transformation & automation, however, there were still areas where they fell short. New warehouses were being opened, logistical challenges and software that was not 100% up to the task. Number 1’s freight solution was also a challenge, particularly dealing with only one supplier where they were subject to volatility, which is here to stay within the freight industry.

The Solution: Two-Pronged Automated Solution Involving NetSuite Integration


TIG had a two-pronged solution for Number 1. In the first part, TIG integrated with Number 1’s third-party warehouse management solution and additionally their ERP, NetSuite. This closed the gap between the pick & pack process and their incumbent manual despatch process, fully automating the process from end to end.

Not only does this save hundreds of hours for the Number 1 teams, but it also drives their efficiencies upwards which allows them to process more orders, with decreased manual data & reducing key-in issues to 0.06%.

The second part focused on Number 1’s freight challenges. TIG was able to decrease its raw freight costs, provide transparent and improved shipping services, and deliver customer service relief. All-in-all, the responsiveness, support, and collaborative approach from TIG has assisted Number 1 to continue to grow while taking the pain of their freight.

The Results

  • Increased EfficiencyNumber 1 doubled the number of orders processed each day.
  • Better ServiceNumber 1 has praised TIG’s collaborative efforts in helping achieve tailored reporting, visibility & customer experience.
  • Flexibility & CapabilityTIG’s ability to work with Number 1’s existing systems & procedures, whilst improving on them, has been paramount to their growth.