SELTEC have reimagined channel distribution in the fast-changing Australian IT industry. Their breakthrough model adds more value at every level for the most comprehensive end-to-end experience for their resellers, end users and vendors. SELTEC are true industry leaders, using advanced systems like Oracle NetSuite, and setting new benchmarks such as providing a unified end-to-end solution at the most optimum financial and operational goals.

SELTEC aim to keep leading the IT channel distribution market with their passion for the best service with no compromise solution at the most effective price points.

The Challenge: Manual Handling Oracle NetSuite

SELTEC, like many successful and growing businesses, had outgrown their previous freight solution. Visibility across deliveries wasn’t great and carrier selection was done on gut feelings and knowledge from a select few within the warehouse operations team. In short, there were no “smarts” to the system nor any support from their freight manager.

Orders were manually keyed into multiple freight platforms and then again entered into their cloud-based ERP, NetSuite. There were some problems with accuracy that had flow-on effects within their business from this manual process. Overall, it was a time-consuming and laborious process that SELTEC identified needed to be changed.

The Solution: System Optimisation & Freight Integration


TIG provided a fully integrated shipping solution within NetSuite, allowing SELTEC to complete and ship their orders natively within their cloud-based ERP with no more manual data entry. This sped up processing in the warehouse significantly and removed the administrative burden as now all shipping costs and data were written back into NetSuite in real-time; this saved SELTEC 40% in order processing time.

No longer was carrier and service selection done on gut feelings by a select few. By implementing a mixture of least-cost routing and business rules on a best-fit carrier mix provided by TIG, SELTEC could now ship on the most appropriate service every time. This enabled SELTEC to continue to scale their warehouse operations and mitigate the knowledge vacuum that had previously occurred.

The Results

  • Increased Visibilityorders can be found quickly, tracked & traced, or amended as necessary across their omnichannel operation.
  • Customer Supportincreased peace of mind created by having a dedicated Customer Support team allows SELTEC to focus on what they do best.
  • Decreased Costusing a combination of best-fit carriers for SELTEC‘s business, TIG helps keep freight costs down without hindering delivery performance.