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OpenFreight’s Boundless Integration Allows Businesses to Achieve Optimised Logistics Efficiencies

We know money is the lifeblood of good business. What’s less considered, for companies with goods to transport, is that logistics are the veins that enable this flow. In an increasingly globalised world, efficient logistics management is essential for businesses to thrive. Companies must transport products swiftly, securely, and economically, making logistics management a pivotal aspect of operations. OpenFreight, designed to cater to the unique needs of Australian businesses, emerges as a ground-breaking solution to enhance and streamline logistics management processes.

Understanding OpenFreight

Technology has always enabled logistics. Introducing OpenFreight as a technological system that breaks ground in the world of logistics might sound tired, but with its features that the industry has needed for years, the new efficiencies it drives really are game-changing.

OpenFreight is an innovative technology solution, tailor-made to satisfy the requirements of your business operations. Its embedded full-fledged, well documented API, allows businesses to run in-house applications. This translates to a total ability to temper the system to specifically suit your business’s needs. OpenFreight is designed with interaction in mind, meaning it can be seamlessly integrated with any system your business utilises, whether it’s Pronto, NetSuite, MYOB, SAP, Shopify or any other platform.

One of the cornerstone features of OpenFreight is its robust tracking capabilities. This allows you to maintain a meticulous watch on your shipments, providing critical insights and updates in real-time. With OpenFreight, you’re always in the know about your freight’s location and status, ensuring that you can make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.

TIG Freight leverages OpenFreight as part of our commitment to providing comprehensive and forward-thinking freight management solutions. It allows our partners to operate on a secure and scalable cloud-based architecture, offering both security and flexibility. This infrastructure is not just reliable but also architecturally robust, capable of accommodating your business as it grows and evolves. This translates into significant time savings for you, freeing up resources and energy that you can redirect toward expanding your business operations.

Streamlining Your Logistics Process

Logistics management is a complex and iterative process. Many moving parts must work together seamlessly to ensure efficiency and reliability, thus requiring a system that considers and adapts to movements in real-time.

Enter OpenFreight.

OpenFreight’s robust, cloud-native systems offer enterprise-grade performance, enabling you to handle logistics operations at any scale. The technology assures optimum security, scalability, stability, and performance – the four cornerstones of a reliable logistics solution. Whether you’re a small business looking to become leaner or a multinational corporation with complex logistics needs, OpenFreight’s advanced technology can scale and adapt to meet your requirements.

Successful optimisation is never stationary, it iterates to internal and external changes. That’s why OpenFreight’s development is feedback-driven, ensuring the platform is constantly evolving and improving. This approach helps us to address any emerging challenges in the logistics industry proactively, so our customers are always optimised for productivity.

Effective logistics management also needs integration to work autonomously. OpenFreight offers integrated communication channels across all mediums, ensuring seamless coordination and interaction among all stakeholders. This integration is fundamental to the smooth running of your logistics operations, eliminating any communication gaps that can lead to delays or inefficiencies.

Owned and operated 100% by TIG, OpenFreight provides true end-to-end capabilities. This control over the entire logistics process allows us to offer unmatched quality and consistency, from the initial pickup to the final delivery. You no longer have to deal with multiple service providers – with OpenFreight, you get a one-stop solution for all your logistics needs.

One of OpenFreight’s standout features is its user-friendly tracking system. With easy-to-read tracking events, you can monitor your shipments in real-time. Plus, proof of deliveries (PODs) are readily available on delivery, providing you with the assurance and documentation you need to keep your customers satisfied and your operations running smoothly.

Maximising Cost-Efficiency

OpenFreight optimises your routing intelligently, ensuring maximum cost-efficiency without any effort on your part. Say goodbye to tedious hours of comparing and weighing options; we’ve got it all handled for you.

Enhancing Customer Experience

OpenFreight is designed from scratch using invaluable customer feedback and cutting-edge technology so it provides a thorough and user-friendly interface accessible on any device, anytime. All that is required is a modern browser.

This unprecedented accessibility makes OpenFreight a versatile tool, ready to streamline your business processes. What’s more, the service is fulfilled by the dedicated team of expert integrators at TIG. These professionals stand ready to provide turn-key solutions attuned to your business needs, enabling hand-in-glove communication with any system your enterprise relies on.

OpenFreight’s design has always put its users first, incorporating feedback gathered over the years to continually refine and enhance its deliverables. The result is a robust service that can handle any logistical challenge and deliver an unrivalled customer experience.

Integration Partners

In partnership with premier platforms, we provide reliable, straightforward, and rapid freight integration. In just a matter of minutes, you can begin refining and automating your freight procedures, eliminating countless hours of data input and reducing expensive input errors.

Regardless of the nature and product type of your shipping needs, we’ve got you covered. At TIG Freight, we cater to a diverse range of shipping requirements through our strategic supplier partnerships and our network comprising over 200 freight solution providers, ensuring there are no bumps in the road while transporting your goods.

By offering top-tier technology, complete visibility, and integrated communication, OpenFreight empowers your business with tools and services that are not only comprehensive but also user-friendly. With OpenFreight, your logistics process is in capable and trusted hands.

To learn more about OpenFreight, visit our website.


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