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Our Business And Yours: How We Can Help You, Help Your Customers

When it comes to freight management services, customer satisfaction is paramount. Freight management requires shipments to arrive in a timely manner, often navigating multiple platforms, parties and services, whilst delivering assured customer service which keeps clients informed every step of the way. TIG understands the trickle-down effect that occurs during the freight industry, and therefore we take your business on as though it were our own. In short, our business helps your business.

Our freight solutions put our customers at the heart of our business, with each solution and system being developed through a careful examination of data and customer requirements. With a business model based entirely around customer satisfaction, TIG ensures your own clients get efficient and secure services. In other words, when you look good, we do too!

TIG has developed a timely and tailor-made tracking service through our TrackMyParcel and OpenFreight portals, using analytics and feedback to create a freight management solution that utilises cloud technology, providing you live tracking of your shipments at all times . Above all that, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised customer service, with our team on-hand to provide your business with the best, so you can deliver accurate and fast responses to your own customers.

Who Are We?

TIG is a full-service freight management company, offering freight services and solutions for every need. With a keen eye for detail, transparency and customer service, we develop solutions on a case-by-case basis, solving your issues with a bespoke approach for your business. We unlock cost-savings by providing tailored solutions through innovation and high quality support, so that you and your customers enjoy an easy, pain-free and efficient shipping experience.

Integration, Partners, and Workflow Automation

To ensure you get the most efficient and accurate freight solution, TIG harness proven integration technology, saving you hours of manual data entry, and providing your customers with an array of solutions to suit their needs. Whether your business runs on Pronto, NetSuite, MYOB, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, an e-commerce platform such as Shopify or Magento, or one of the myriad of other business systems available, TIG can help streamline your freight processing to create an easy-to-follow workflow automation service.

We focus on medium to large scale businesses, solving complex supply-chain issues with our state-of-the-art technology. Reverse logistics, third-party returns, shipments to new regions, fast delivery times which come in under budget, and of course, our twenty years of domestic and international experience, means TIG can help your business get the reputation it deserves.

Technology and People

We are the pioneers of cloud-based technology in the freight management sector, bringing the best solutions to your business. No matter how complex your requirements, our technology makes the process simple and efficient. And with our systems being created from both analytics and customer feedback, using TIG means you’re putting your own customers first. With expert local customer service teams ready to answer your queries in a matter of minutes, TIG ensures you have immediate access to turn-key freight solutions without spending hours on hold, saving you time and money. To boot, our freight management platforms are continually evolving to keep up with the latest technology and customer needs. For this reason, we can offer freight solutions to all parties, for all purposes, no matter how demanding the process may seem – there’s nothing we can’t manage.


TIG is at the helm of millions of shipments each year, with businesses looking to us for conventional freight delivery, as well as complex shipping requirements such as third-party shipments, returns and reverse logistics. Whatever your needs, TIG’s technology has you covered, saving hours in data entry and preventing costly mistakes. Our OpenFreight platform keeps you in the know, offering full visibility and tracking so that you can record everything from the items shipped, to where, when, and all costs. The flexibility and user-friendly processes of TIG means any paperwork is quick and easy, and are geared around the timetables of your customers. In short, they’ll love you, and you’ll love us!

If you’re interested in learning more about how TIG can help your business with freight management services, contact a member of our friendly customer service team by calling 1300-TIG-FRE or head to our website


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