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Why Should You Outsource Your Domestic Logistics?

I’ve been in the logistics industry for just over 8 years and in this time I’ve spent my career working for both transport companies and freight management businesses.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “why should we change our current & historic model of just using our own carriers directly?” And the answer for me is simple.

1. Carrier Flexibility – Now more than ever businesses can’t afford to have any major delays, leaving your freight in the hands of one transport provider is high risk as we have experienced with transport companies refusing pickups & closing depots, stopping freight from moving in some cases days, if not weeks. This is where the flexibility and speed to act of TIG can ensure we have your freight always moving!

2. Integration 
– The largest issue amongst my customers is staff shortages and the ability to recruit new staff, We have conducted case studies that have shown an Integration with TIG has proven a 40% reduction in manual data entry paired with a 160% increase in order processing, this allows the staff you have to pick, pack, and complete other revenue generating activities!

3. Customer Service – 
Carriers are invested very heavily in their Operations, Trucks, and Depots, this leaves very minimal room for first class customer service. We know all too well the struggles of sitting on hold to a carrier waiting to lodge an enquiry or speak to someone. TIG takes that work off your hands by simply lodging an enquiry online. We do the ‘grunt’ work for you, giving you the chance to complete revenue generating tasks and focusing on your business!

4. Reporting – 
Pairing with monthly or quarterly account management meetings, TIG provides analytical reporting on your domestic supply chain. This gives you insights into where your money is going but importantly helps us identify high cost lanes or products and lets us implement specialist carriers to suit your specific needs. This proactively takes costs out of your business.

We have our ear to the ground and listen to different challenges businesses are facing every day. Understanding these specific challenges gives us the ability to design solutions that eliminate their challenges.

Once implemented our value proposition is designed to save you TIME and most importantly, MONEY!


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