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TIG’s experience & expertise:

TIG Freight is a certified Pronto Solution Partner. 

With over 5 years in the Pronto eco-system and 25+ integrated clients, our native & legacy integrations can provide premium tailored solutions to streamline your business operations. 

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See our Pronto Integration case studies here and here.

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TIG & Pronto: Bridging Excellence

  • Native integration and part of Pronto core programs in v740+
  • Despatch via existing methods, no need to re-train staff
  • Real-time APIs, no waiting around for files to sync
  • Remove Key In Errors: Shipping details pushed from Pronto to OpenFreight in real-time
  • Gain visibility with cost & shipping data automatically written back to Pronto upon dispatch
  • Best-fit for your customers: Map customers or orders directly to shipping providers or ”buckets” allowing for complex rules
  • Compatible with Pronto WMS, allowing fully-automated dispatch


What versions of Pronto do you support?

We support all versions of Pronto, however are part of Pronto core in version 740 and higher. If you are running Pronto v760 or v770, it is already installed!

What’s important when picking a Pronto integration partner?

Look for experience and expertise within the Pronto eco-system. Has the partner implemented this before? What are some of the common challenges they see? Are there case studies and reference sites available? Can the partner offer a tailored integration or is a cookie-cutter integration? Are they truly trusted advisors?

Can it be the integration configured to pick the best-fit, least-cost or a combination of the two automatically?

Yes, there are many business rules we can implement as part of a Pronto integration whether it be least-cost routing, mapping customers to carriers, or any combination in between. Our Pronto integration makes sure your freight travels with the right carrier every single time.

How hard is it to setup?

Being part of Pronto core and natively integrated in version 740 and up, all that is required is configuration. Further, TIG has been integrating with Pronto for many years, with hands-on experience with many different customers and their unique requirements. The integration itself is straight forward to implement, but TIG always take care to complete a detailed scope with you of the Pronto integration and your specific needs.

What can I do with freight costing and tracking data now that it is in Pronto?

By providing this information, you’ve now unlocked reporting capabilities that did no exist before. Do you want to get granular and know the overall freight cost at a customer level, SKU level or anything else – having this data within Pronto is extremely powerful and goes a long way in help your business report and action on freight recovering, delivery performance and much, much more.