Experience The TIG Difference

TIG’s experience & expertise:

TIG Freight transforms logistics and freight services, so our client partners can fulfil their orders with confidence, ease and support from some of the most established carriers in the world.

TGE (Team Global Express, formally known as Toll) is one of TIG’s carrier partners, and our OpenFreight platform seamlessly integrates into their vast transport network. Our clients benefit from world-class freight management that makes their internal processes efficient and cost-effective as well as access to carriers like TGE to transport their products to customers.

OpenFreight, the easiest way to utilise TGE

OpenFreight provides full compatibility with TGE, with the ability to:

  • Create TGE consignments that they act on promptly
  • Print TGE labels with up-to-date TGE compliance
  • Integrated track & trace for full visibility in OpenFreight or your system, including TGE PODs (proof of delivery)
  • Works with all TGE freight services including Road, Intermodal, Air and Sea Freight
  • Providing offline support & backup in the event of a TGE outage


Why would you choose a freight management partner rather than working with a carrier directly?

TIG Freight’s clients get much more than transport. They get a holistic review of their entire workflow and processes followed by a transformation that maximises cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We help you access the vast TGE network, but you’ll also have access to our many other carrier partners, ensuring your options aren’t limited.

What benefits can I expect from TIG’s freight management?

We implement software solutions that enable automatic communication to carrier partners, helping you access low-cost routing, shipping data and tracking, customs-clearance management and many more features, and of course, easily booking your transport.

What is OpenFreight and how does it work?

Our OpenFreight software eliminates many inefficiencies in your warehousing and logistics processes. By integrating into your current finance, ordering, warehouse and ERP systems, we create one system, and one version of the truth, that communicates with all areas of your business.