Tracking, But Better

Track & Trace is an integral part of the delivery process. There is nothing more frustrating that not knowing where an order is or what has happened to your shipment. Our passionate customer service team and transparent technology is here to ensure you know what is happening at any given time.

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Customer, Meet Service.

Once the order has left the door, we believe in making sure your customer has a better delivery experience, however as we all know unfortunately sometimes things don't go to plan. Our local Melbourne-based customer service team will answer your calls in under 1 minute and provide you timely updates when you need them most.

Integrated Tracking

Through transparent technology we offer up-to-date tracking information from a wide range of carriers, all through a single data-source. Gone are the days of to navigate difficult-to-read carrier websites, trying to remember who you shipped that order with and translating complex tracking events to your customers.

Find out more about Track My Parcel and OpenFreight.

Proactive Notifications

Keep your customers up to date with delivery notifications throughout the delivery process via Email or SMS. We can even do the reverse and send you updates when an order has been delivered or faces a possible delay such as an incorrect address.


Once you have shipped the order, your customer will be notified.

Onboard For Delivery

We'll let you're customer know when it's out for delivery.


Once delivered, you're customer will know.

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