We take the pain out of freight through world-class Customer Service, Transparency, and Innovation.

TIG is a full-service freight solutions provider

We’re not a start-up, an aggregator, a carrier, or a freight broker. We’re a full-service freight solutions provider based in Australia, offering premium tailored solutions to each and every one of our customers worldwide.

By tailoring optimum freight logistics solutions for each and every one of our customers, we ensure you get the best value solution that fits your business and your business only. Add to that, a team that's passionate about providing transparency, world-class customer service and state-of-the-art technology.

That's the TIG difference.

Full-Service Freight, Worldwide

Tailored Freight Solutions

We never leave things up to chance. With over twenty years experience, TIG Freight is a full-service Australian solution provider, delivering world-class, tailored freight management that meets your business needs.

Enterprise Logistics

Global supply chain management is all about minimising costs, maximising efficiency and delivering great customer service. Through decades of experience and our OpenFreight technology platform, TIG Freight will help you reach your business goals so you can focus on delivering a great customer experience.

If Only It Was As Simple As Sending Things From Point A to B

Partnering with a world-class freight management company is the first step. By using the perfect combination of industry expertise, effective processes and our proprietary OpenFreight technology, TIG Freight provides a complete freight solution that keeps your deliveries on-time and within budget.

Our Network, Your Reputation

We understand that your goods needed to be shipped yesterday, so we have partnered with leading freight providers to ensure the best solutions for your business needs.

TIG Freight is aligned with a network of over 200 freight carriers, from household names through to smaller boutique carriers.

Our service,
Your delivery power

Shipments Delivered
Transport Providers
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Buying Power
OpenFreight Users

Integrations & Automation

Integrating systems into a world-class platform. Sounds technical, doesn't it? Luckily that's not your problem when you've got TIG on your team.

Road, Air, Sea, Rail, you name it. We've been moving freight domestically and internationally for more than 20 years. Complex supply chain? No problems.

Integration Partners

We partner with market leading platforms to offer proven, easy, turn-key freight integration. Within minutes you can start streamlining and automating your freight process, saving hundreds of hours in data entry and costly key-in mistakes.

Further, as TIG is aligned with a network of over 200 freight carriers, from household names through to smaller boutique carriers.. It doesn't matter what you need to ship, through our diverse supplier partnerships, we've got it covered.

OpenFreight, Shipping Modernised

Not too long ago, shipping was managed through complex and archaic 90's-era platforms. So we built OpenFreight, ground up on modern technologies, and pioneered the modern cloud-based shipping platform.

World-class Freight Platform

Enterprise grade, multi-platform and always available, we've built an over-evolving platform that's the culmination of thousands of customers' feedback. Upgrade your shipping platform today.

Our Partners

TIG Freight will find you the ideal carrier from our extensive list of trusted partners. Our premium technology means you and your clients will be assured the best rate, the fastest route, and premium service from start to finish.

Some of our shipping partners:
Australia Post
Border Express
Hunter Express
We are proud to offer turn-key integrations with some of the leading technical platforms across the globe. Some of our partners include:
Oracle NetSuite

Start Shipping with TIG

Ready to start? Speak with us today on 1300 844 373 or enquire online.

Outside of Australia?

Please call +61 3 9809 7400



"What distinguishes TIG from the rest of the field is their desire to understand their client’s business"



"We have worked with TIG Freight Management for the past 10 years. The Customer Service team and our Account Manager are always willing to go the extra mile…"



“We have worked with TIG for over 4 years. We find their rates to be extremely competitive. We appreciate the extra customer service and assistance in helping us if we have special requirements and significant needs for our consignments.”



“Professional team and great service. The Open Freight platform enables our team to efficiently manage freight consignment”



“I have been using TIG for more than 5 years now. Their efficiency and effectiveness in assisting our business is superb. Their staff are very accommodating, friendly and prompt in responding to any concerns raised…”



"Our company has been using TIG freight management for a couple of years now. They have helped us a great deal with all of our freight needs. Our freight is now streamlined and much more efficient."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I have an enquiry on my freight?

No enquiry is too large or too small. Our dedicated account managers and passionate customer service team will happily help your business with any type of freight enquiry whilst our technology ensures 100% transparency from start to finish.

Who invoices my business for freight charges?

When TIG manages your freight, you will receive a single, itemised & consolidated invoice with all your weekly freight charges in detail. Easier to manage and detailed enough to make reconciliation of freight charges simpler.

Can you plug-in or connect to my website, ERP or business system?

Yes. With expert integrators on hand and turnkey solutions ready to go, we can help you start taking advantage of the cost savings from workflow automation by integrating your freight process into your existing systems today.



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