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Intimate and flexible freight solutions that scale with your growth

Our SME freight services are here to support your next phase of business success – one where your logistics don’t hold you back, but foster your growth. With a solution that integrates your warehouse into our vast network of carriers, you’ll tap into the best routing options and costs available, ensuring that you get the most value for your transportation needs.

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What happens when you partner with TIG Freight Management? Our SME freight solutions look different for every business, but you can expect a service that guides you every step of the way.

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Business analysis & solution planning
We perform an objective review of what you need and where improvement can be made, which our logistics specialists use to inform your freight solution personalised for your operations.
Select suppliers
Our relationship team gets to work on selecting the most suitable suppliers and confirming they have the capability to do it, that way they’re kept accountable for their deliverables.
Integrate your systems
TIG expert integrators synthesise your various systems and our renowned OpenFreight technology into one communicative, responsive, automated and efficient system.
Ongoing customer service and improvement
Healthy business operations aren’t static, but evolve with growth. Our team stays by your side for ongoing service, solution adjustments and freight management improvements.
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Business solutions, support & expertise

Finding freight providers who provide quality service at competitive rates is difficult for any business. Whether you're a brand new or long-term customer, TIG Freight ensures that your business receives the best-in-class customer service and care.

Case Study
Carbatec: OpenFreight & Pronto Integration Allow Carbatec to Meet Their Customers’ Needs

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