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Case Study

Carbatec: OpenFreight & Pronto Integration Allow Carbatec to Meet Their Customers’ Needs


From humble beginnings in 1987, Carbatec have grown to become one of Australia’s largest DIY & Woodworking tools supply companies with scale and service to match. Known as “The Home of Woodworking”, Carbatec service wholesale and retail customers across Australia and New Zealand from their Brisbane Distribution Centre and retail outlets across the country.

A company as prestigious and established as this was falling behind due to manual processing. As owners of Openfreight and a Pronto Integration Partner, we knew we could significantly boost their efficiency.

% manual data entry reduction
% increase in order processing rate
+ years in operation
  1. Results
    Increase in Efficiency
    40% reduction in manual data entry paired with a 160% increase in order processing rate.
    Decrease in Cost
    Least-cost routing keeps freight costs down, without sacrificing delivery experience.
    Increased Service
    Carbatec can now focus all of their attention on servicing their customers, whilst TIG manages their freight.

The Challenge

Manual Processing Caused Carbatec Major Inefficiencies

Hamstrung by manual processes, Carbatec had a 50/50 split between staff picking/packing orders and staff processing orders in their primary distribution warehouse. This meant that for every 1 person picking/packing an order, another would be processing an order in Pronto, and then manually consigning the order through the carrier’s booking portal. This was prone to data entry mistakes and there was no least-cost carrier routing available.

General lack of visibility once freight shipped with their existing freight providers, exuberated these manual processes and added to challenges in providing the top-tier customer service Carbatec strives towards.

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TIG boosted Carbatec's efficiency and reduced costs by integrating OpenFreight with Pronto Xi. Automated shipping processes increased order processing by 160% and decreased staff needs by 40%.

Head of Operations

The Solution

OpenFreight and Pronto Integration Spike Orders and Plummets Manual Labour


Using TIG’s world-class integrated shipping platform, OpenFreight, Carbatec successfully integrated their transport management and carrier solution within Pronto Xi.

The integration allowed Carbatec to operate more efficiently and has saved Carbatec hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs, by freeing up staff who were processing orders previously. Carbatec achieved a 160% increase to the number of orders processed per hour, with a 40% decrease in the number of staff required to achieve this result.

By using TIG’s tailored freight solution, Carbatec had the best carrier network to meet the specific needs of their business. This further allowed Carbatec to utilise OpenFreight’s least-cost routing functionality, selecting the lowest cost transport provider within TIG’s solution, further driving down the costs of shipping.

With data written back into Pronto at the shipping stage, overall visibility within Carbatec has significantly increased; that combined with TIG’s excellent support team has removed the pre-existing freight pains. This has allowed Carbatec to focus on their own business and customers, rather than the last mile delivery.


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