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Case Study

Omega Power: OpenFreight & Pronto Integration Enables Data-Driven Decisions and Boosts Operational Efficiency

Omega Power

Omega Power is a leading Australian electricity wholesaler, who services Middy's Electrical Group as well as large and small, independent stores across Australia. They’re driven to meet the growing need for electrical supplies to Australia's wholesale industry.

Since 1982, they’ve grown to provide a wide range of quality electrical products and they credit their Australia-wide customer service for powering this growth. Many of their products fall under the ‘Ugly Freight’ category, which means finding the right freight partner to move products of odd shape, fragility, or high value can be challenging.

To maintain this growth, they needed a better platform that could provide improved customer satisfaction and new efficiencies in their business.

% year-on-year growth post-solution
additional hires to manage growth
+ years in operation
  1. Results
    Integrating their system into Pronto and OpenFreight enabled a communicative system with a reduction in human error, increased correct freight delivery and increased processing volume growth.
    At Omega, things change often and change fast. Partnering with TIG meant that they had a relationship manager and freight expert who could easily adapt to their evolving needs, keeping costs low and efficiency high.
    Increased Output Without Increasing Headcount
    Omega has grown 10-15% year-on-year since partnering with TIG and has achieved this growth without the need for additional staff or overworking the existing team.
    Better Customer Service
    Their customer service team can now track where the freight is, and its condition, and receive proof of delivery straight through Pronto, providing immediate information so the team can focus back on their core tasks.

The Challenge

Cookie-Cutter Freight Solution Couldn’t Cut It

As an electrical equipment wholesaler, Omega Power cannot just plug into a traditional freight provider and expect quality results.

Before partnering with TIG Freight, Omega Power encountered several obstacles with their incumbent providers and systems. Manual processes hindered operational efficiency, making it difficult to scale warehouse operations without overburdening the existing workforce. Timely deliveries were inconsistent, and the lack of transparency in the supply chain led to a further increase in manual labour and inefficiencies.

Their supplies require exceptional processing, packaging, and handling to be delivered safely and efficiently. Their customer base is also very diverse, covering both the metro and regional areas of Australia, and supplying this challenging type of freight to regional areas is no easy feat.

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TIG has adapted and been flexible to suit our needs, the integration went smooth and painless. We grow year on year at 10-15% without hiring additional heads to manage that.

Head of Operations
Omega Power

The Solution

Optimised Freight Management Through Software Integration


Understanding the need for a comprehensive review of their freight needs and processes, Omega Power engaged with TIG Freight who offered a tailored freight solution that included ERP and process integration, automation, and enhanced customer service. Further, TIG’s partnered approach meant they could lean on TIG’s expertise in the freight service industry, so they always had an expert ready to manage their unique needs and requirements.

TIG provided a tightly coupled shipping integration directly with Omega Power’s ERP, Pronto Xi. The increased automation significantly reduced manual intervention in warehouse operations, streamlined workflows, minimised errors and accelerated the order fulfilment process.

This not only enhanced overall operational efficiency but also allowed Omega Power to make data-driven decisions, further optimising their supply chain. Real-time tracking updates through SMS and email delivery notifications, proactive communication, and TIG’s responsive customer service team ensured that their customers were well-informed about their shipments.


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