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RSEA: OpenFreight & Pronto Integration Spikes Operational Efficiency

RSEA Safety
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RSEA, best known as “The Safety Experts” are the largest independent safety business in Australia. Since opening their doors in 1993 as a road safety business, RSEA has been dedicated to providing their customers with the outstanding service that they have come to expect from RSEA. With an ever-increasing network, RSEA has the footprint, capability and capacity to meet the safety needs of Australian businesses, but without the OpenFreight and Pronto Integration to come, they needed a change.

+ retail superstores
distribution centres
years in operation
  1. Results
    Operational Efficiency
    Automating shipping in Pronto Xi saves RSEA 100+ hours and only scales up the larger your operation.
    Keeping Costs Down
    Using the combination of best-fit carriers for RSEA’s business and least-cost routing, TIG helps keep freight costs down without hindering delivery performance.
    Better Service
    RSEA can focus on serving their customers, whilst TIG takes care of the freight.

The Challenge

RSEA Used Manual Processes To Manage Large-Scale Distribution

With over 50+ retail superstores, 7 distribution centres and multiple hire depots and embroidery facilities, moving freight around efficiently is challenging.

In short, with the scale and complexity of RSEA’s business, it cannot afford to be using a manual process to ship their wide range of products. Manually selecting shipping providers, or even worse, potentially using the wrong shipping providers, plus the costly mistakes of keying in the wrong shipping addresses is not something RSEA can risk. This could hinder RSEA’s mission of providing outstanding service to their customers.

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RSEA partnered with TIG to integrate shipping with Pronto Xi with OpenFreight. Automated carrier selection and management streamline logistics enable RSEA to focus on their mission and customers.

Head of Operations

The Solution

Warehouse and Freight Optimisation Through OpenFreight and Pronto Integration


Using TIG’s world-class integrated shipping platform, OpenFreight, RSEA partnered with TIG to successfully integrate its transport management and carrier selection within Pronto Xi. By providing a tailored solution for RSEA, TIG ensured that RSEA had the best carrier network to meet the specific needs of their business.

This further allowed RSEA to utilise OpenFreight’s least-cost routing functionality, selecting the lowest-cost transport provider within TIG’s solution and therefore enabling full transport management and carrier selection automation within their distribution centres.

RSEA team members simply RF Pick and Dispatch using Pronto Xi’s warehouse management platform. Transport carrier selection, labelling and consignment write-back are all taken care of automatically. This, tied with TIG’s excellent customer service, helps take the pain out of managing logistics for RSEA and allows them to focus on their mission and customers, not their freight.


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