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Case Study

Street Furniture Australia: TIG’s NetSuite Integration Unlocks Savings

Street Furniture

Street Furniture Australia designs and manufactures highly durable furniture for the public realm and their mission is to bring enjoyment to all those who create, build, maintain and use public spaces. They uniquely run both an R&D program and a factory under one roof in Western Sydney, and while they have a prime ERP, NetSuite, they didn’t have NetSuite integration.

% reduced key-in time
% reduced service load
% cost savings
  1. Results
    With full integration we saved Street Furniture hours on manual entry with a 25% reduction of key-in time
    Consolidated approach
    A single contact for freight reduced customer service load by 40%
    Freight Costs
    Using best-fit carriers & least-cost routing, we achieved a 18% cost savings

The Challenge

Isolated Systems

Delivering predominately to construction sites with a made-to-order product comes with some unique distribution challenges. As their product is one the last to be installed, Street Furniture’s deliveries are directly affected by site access, weather, forklift capability and most of all, the variability of construction deadlines.

Managing the constant variables with multiple transport providers was a time-consuming process, and even though Street Furniture was using a modern 3rd party FMS (Freight Management System), it wasn’t up to scratch. What’s more, Street Furniture had a best-of-class ERP, NetSuite, however, the systems weren’t talking and the integration was basic at best.

The result was a double-entry of data, key-in errors and checking multiple systems for information, which they need at their fingertips to manage their business effectively.

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Implementing TIG’s managed freight service along with their NetSuite integration was considerably smoother than implementing our previous Freight Management System on its own.

Brendan Adams
Box and Co.

The Solution

System Communication
and NetSuite Integration


As usual, our first step was an analysis of Street Furniture’s freight requirements. From here we could implement a managed freight solution with tailored transport carriers to suit their needs. Street Furniture could then take advantage of TIG’s full-service offering, with TIG managing their freight distribution and providing account management, customer service, consolidated invoicing, shipping integration and a world-class Freight Management System, OpenFreight. TIG then fully integrated this into NetSuite, so Street Furniture could finally rely on a single source of truth, with up-to-date shipping data and a two-way integration between NetSuite and OpenFreight. Reducing key-in errors, the time to key in and despatch orders and having freight costs back in NetSuite has been game-changing for Street Furniture.


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