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OpenFreight: Revolutionising TIG Freight Shipping and Logistics

OpenFreight is a game-changer for TIG Freight’s shipping and logistics services. It leverages the latest technology to offer real-time tracking, improved communication, efficiency, optimisation, increased transparency, and accountability.

These features provide numerous benefits for customers, including enhanced customer experience, cost savings below the line, increased efficiency and productivity, and improved safety and security.

What is OpenFreight?

OpenFreight is a groundbreaking technology solution designed to meet your business’s specific needs. It is user-friendly and always accessible, with the support of TIG Freight’s skilled integrators to help you seamlessly integrate it with any system your business requires, be it Pronto, Shopify, NetSuite, MYOB or anything else. The platform includes efficient tracking capabilities that allow you to closely monitor your shipments.

OpenFreight’s secure and scalable cloud-based freight management software is architecturally sound, offering time savings and enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Key Features of OpenFreight

OpenFreight is a platform that is designed to revolutionise the shipping and logistics industry. It offers several key features, including:

Real-time tracking and visibility
: OpenFreight provides real-time tracking and visibility of shipments, allowing shippers, carriers, and customers to monitor the progress of deliveries in real-time. This helps to reduce the stress of waiting for goods to arrive and improves customer satisfaction.

Improved communication
: OpenFreight improves communication between stakeholders, including shippers, carriers, and customers. This makes it easier to coordinate and manage shipments, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Least-cost routing:
Implement automated processes that find you the lowest cost option to optimise your shipping routes.

Increased transparency and accountability
: OpenFreight increases transparency and accountability in TIG freight’s shipping and logistics. This helps to reduce the risk of fraud and errors, ensuring that shipments are delivered on time and in good condition.

The Impact of OpenFreight in TIG Freight’s Shipping and Logistics

The impact of OpenFreight on TIG Freight’s shipping and logistics services has been significant. OpenFreight has made it possible to offer a more efficient and cost-effective service than many competitors, which has made TIG Freight a major player in the industry.

The introduction of OpenFreight has also had a profound effect on the way that shipping and logistics operate in TIG Freight. The company’s technology-focused approach has made it possible for it to automate many of the manual tasks involved in shipping and logistics, which has helped to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Additionally, OpenFreight’s impact on data and analytics has helped to make the shipping process more predictable, which has made TIG Freight more reliable and has helped to improve the customer experience.

Innovative Freight Solutions with OpenFreight

  • OpenFreight was built from the ground up using customer feedback and the most innovative technology. It’s not only thorough, but easy to use.
  • OpenFreight services can be accessed on any device, anytime. All you need is access to a browser.
  • Architecturally sound and security-minded, our cloud-based software is highly scalable to suit your needs.
  • With expert integrators on hand and turn-key solutions ready to go, TIG can help you easily integrate with whatever system your business needs.
  • Intelligent routing provides you with the lowest costs automatically. So no more hours wasted comparing and contrasting; we’ve done it for you.
  • Designed with you in mind and using customer feedback over many years, there’s nothing OpenFreight can’t do.

Potential for Growth and Expansion

TIG Freight is not a start-up, an aggregator, a carrier, or a freight broker. TIG is a full-service freight solution provider based in Australia, offering premium tailored solutions to each one of our customers.

TIG Freight takes the pain out of manual freight management and tracking with OpenFreight, backed by world-class customer service.

OpenFreight opens up the doors of potential for significant growth and expansion, both within TIG Freight’s shipping and logistics and beyond. The platform is designed to be scalable, flexible, and adaptable, allowing it to grow and expand as the needs of the industry change.

TIG Freight is also exploring new and innovative solutions to further improve our platform and provide additional benefits for our users. This focus on innovation and the development of new solutions sets us apart from our competitors and positions us as a leader in the shipping and logistics industry.

OpenFreight revolutionises TIG freight’s shipping and logistics, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly. By using OpenFreight, shippers, carriers, and customers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their shipments are being handled in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

To learn more about TIG Freight and the impact of OpenFright, visit our website.


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