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The benefits of e-commerce shipping are many and varied, affording customers the most efficient and transparent services, whilst saving their business money as well as hours of paperwork. By integrating e-commerce shipping solutions into processes at each end, TIG can guarantee greater customer satisfaction. From this knowledge, OpenFreight was born. This software synchronises all processes into real time data ensuring our customers have access to services and updates in a single place, from the moment of booking right through to delivery.


TIG is constantly looking at ways to make our services more streamlined, and our customers’ experience even better. As pioneers of cloud-based shipping and with e-commerce shipping solutions Australia and worldwide being the foundation of our company, we have harnessed the power of technology like no other. Our OpenFreight freight management system is state-of-the-art, able to streamline complex integrations to ensure customer satisfaction. This holistic approach has been developed through the latest technology, as well as customer feedback to ensure efficiency and transparency, with access to real time data available directly to our customers. The best route, the best cost, and the best solutions to all your needs are consolidated with our easy to use e-commerce systems.

The Complete Solution

Our technology connects your e-commerce shipping platform on one side and your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform on the other, to create a single, complete solution. With the highest security and to-the-minute scheduling across our 100+ carrier network, our ability to track freight deliveries, collections, and consolidate a range of complex integrations across countries has never been easier. TIG’s OpenFreight solution is the answer to all your shipment needs, allowing us to collect, store, and manage information regarding your freight, each aspect updating in real time. With the technology assisting in all areas from supply chain management and scheduling, to warehousing and tracking, we can provide you with all the information you need from start to finish.

No Conflicting Intel

Knowing our industry and knowing your needs is crucial to the TIG service. This means it’s imperative for our staff to be across all data and insights and to be organised, available, and ready with answers to your questions. Using our OpenFreight software as the ‘source of truth’ means all your queries can be answered reliably, swiftly, and consistently, no matter who you speak to. Housing all necessary data, TIG employees can access information regarding your freight and shipment without second-guessing. And by reducing guesswork, e-commerce shipping solutions are the most reliable way to ensure the TIG staff are ready to assist our customers with all the answers.

We’re All In This Together

Everyone at TIG has the same objective: to satisfy our customers. Freight and shipping can be a complex undertaking, and with over twenty years experience shipping across domestic and international locations, we have developed a broad network of carriers, which means wide reach, but also a great deal of data! With our own OpenFreight e-commerce shipping solutions, we can be sure your shipment is carefully tracked through the entire journey, no matter how complex the route! And with a focus on customer service, TIG has local support teams ready to answer your questions and assist you at any time.

Track My Parcel

TIG are proud to be at the forefront of e-commerce shipping solutions Australia and worldwide, and our Track My Parcel option is just another way in which we’ve created systems to make life easier for everyone! Our OpenFreight e-commerce shipping supports the Track My Parcel function, allowing us to keep customers up to date on the status of their delivery from booking to delivery. And with multi-carrier tracking, shipping notifications and even a customisable tracking page, this OpenFreight design offers an efficient and holistic experience for our customers, and yours.

The TIG Way

Our operations are geared towards the customer, which means we personalise our operations with shipping notifications, Track My Parcel, and Book A Pickup services.

With over 100 carrier networks, e-commerce shipping has become an absolute necessity to ensure our ‘reach’ and our ‘grasp’ is on the same level, consolidating the most up-to-date information into an easily accessible system. This means we can offer the most accurate data as well as the best customer service, no matter what your enquiry or where you (or your shipment) is located.


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Shipping Solutions At The Touch Of A Button