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TIG’s Technology Means Your Freight Is Safe

One of the benefits of globalisation is in the opportunity it affords businesses to expand and trade on an international scale. No longer bound by geographic constraints, working from an office in Australia is no hindrance to establishing relationships with individuals and organisations all around the world. The best way to ensure your communication, transactions and dealings with individuals and organisations around the world is effective and methodical is by enlisting the services of those who know the territory like the back of their hand; TIG have been freight solution providers for more than twenty years, and remain at the forefront of e-commerce shipping integrations.

The shipping industry has become a crucial part of businesses and transactions all around the world; the Australian freight and logistics market alone is estimated to grow at a rate of 2.5% until 2024, signaling an increasing need for reliable and trustworthy freight solution providers.

In order to ensure your freight is getting the care it deserves, TIG uses state-of-the-art digital technology to provide the best e-commerce shipping integrations and freight integration services that are a result of customer feedback and innovation. Working with the best ERP systems, TIG has mastered the art of streamlining processes from start to finish, allowing customers full transparency of operations and real-time updates.

As freight solution providers, TIG are the masters of shipping integration. TIG is the reliable, full-service freight solutions provider that companies can rely on to ensure their products arrive in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. With OpenFreight, TIG’s cloud-based shipping platform, all data is accessible to customers at any time, on any device, resulting in complete transparency and of-the-moment data and information on your shipment. Providing the least-cost routing and with your security as a priority, OpenFreight is TIG’s very own system that puts you in control.

Credentials Count

When it comes to getting the best service, credentials count: TIG is the data-driven specialist freight solution provider, with more than twenty years of experience under their belt. With ever-reliable turnkey integration and carrier networks, TIG has been entrusted with complex integrations since 2001, building a reputation as the fastest-growing freight management company in Australia with the help of partnerships with the most established and trusted household names. These endorsements have helped cement TIG’s reputation as the full-service freight solutions provider who ensures your freight is collected and delivered quickly and easily, keeping you informed every step of the way. Stalwarts in the industry, TIG remain the go-to shipping integration and freight integration experts, managing not only your freight, but also your data, with safety, reliability, and a tailored approach that only a full-service provider can offer.

Customer Service Meets E-Commerce

Modern software puts the customer at the heart of shipping integration, using OpenFreight technology to keep you in the loop each step of the way. TIG’s secure and easy-to-use turn-key freight integration offers streamlining and automation of all freight arrangements, promoting accuracy, efficiency and saving hours of data entry. Ease-of-use, security, and excellence are at the forefront of all TIGs services so that customers can be confident in all transactions and integrations, no matter how complex. Even the most intricate e-commerce shipping integrations are a breeze with TIG’s thorough experience in navigating multiple channels, companies and locations. And with a customised approach to your needs, TIG keeps you in the loop thanks to the latest e-commerce communication hubs and platforms including Pronto, NetSuite, MYOB, SAP, ORACLE, SAGE, and Microsoft Dynamics, to name a few.

Our Team

With more than sixty employees across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, TIG are the Australian authorities of freight, with extensive partnerships that are reputable and customer-centric. TIG continues to develop services and technology so that you, the customer, can be assured and in the loop. With the software to collect and manage data with the utmost accuracy, and a dedicated customer service team across the country to answer all your queries, TIG is proud to continue meeting all your needs, effectively, swiftly, and securely.


As freight solution providers, TIG understands that each customer is different, therefore a tailor-made approach to each job ensures that the most simple and complex integrations are handled with equal care and transparency! OpenFreight software ensures customers know they are in safe hands by helping streamline all integrations and allowing you, the customer, access to data and tracking at any moment, from any device. By increasing efficiency and maintaining the security of your data, OpenFreight saves time and money and brings peace of mind at any stage. Furthermore, OpenFreight is designed with the customer in mind- a combination of the best technological innovations, and customer feedback acquired from TIG’s twenty-plus years of experience. One of the most exciting elements of OpenFreight is its ability to develop! Freight integration has never been easier, but with customer needs constantly changing, TIG prides itself on continually keeping on top of innovations that put you as the top priority.

If you’re looking for the most established, user-friendly, and efficient service, TIG is the freight solution provider that marries technology with heart, making TIG not only the most experienced but the best!


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