Shipping, Upgraded.

Before OpenFreight, most shipping was done in archaic 90's-era platforms. Complex and cumbersome, there had to be a better way to ship. So we built OpenFreight, ground up on modern technologies, and pioneered the modern cloud-based shipping platform.

Enterprise grade, multi-platform and always available, we built an ever-evolving platform that's the culmination of hundred's of customer's feedback. Upgrade your shipping platform today.

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Simple to use

Built from the ground up to be straight forward and simple.

Always available

Use on any device, anytime. All you need is a modern browser.

Enterprise grade

Architecturally sound in the cloud and highly scalable.

Easy integration

Powerful APIs and plenty of turn-key solutions available.

Least cost routing

Intelligent routing provides lowest costs automatically.

Feature packed

Designed around hundred's of customer's input & feedback.

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