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How Flexible Is Your Domestic Transport Offering?

What a wild ride we have jumped on for 2022…WA derailment, Floods in QLD, Floods in NSW x2, driver shortages, depot closures, equipment shortages, COVID health and safety protocols, varying state government policies, consumer demand and the ever evolving International Supply Chain delays.. Ok, I think you get the point.

The impact of these events can be devastating for a business. But with the right partnership and technology companies can overcome the challenges of today’s volatile world.

Now more than ever, flexibility in your Domestic Supply Chain has become one of the most important tools to lean on with short notice.

A few questions to ask when doing an internal check on how flexible your Domestic Transport solution really is:

Does your business have visibility through a Transport Management System that connects and integrates each step of your Domestic supply chain?

Knowing what is going on throughout your supply chain, from the status of your orders and data flowing through your ERP, notification of extended delays and ETA’s through a Technology platform is the most important tool to allow for flexible decisions with little to no impact on business operations.

How do you then navigate the decision making process?

Getting expert advice on changes in Transport fees and operational requirements, service suggestions on particular lanes and receiving locations, to receiving notifications on the changing conditions in carrier depots and local natural disasters that cause major back-log delays for weeks in the aftermath, enables you to predict and avoid potential disruptions.

Is your decision making impacted due to the inability to implement change?

The key to making any change is a seamless process with little time and effort in the implementation of the suggested service or supplier required. If you know what is required but the change is too hard to implement then quite often innovation is stalled and the ability to service is then restricted.

If the demand from your customer’s is consistency, then the offering from your Domestic Transport partner requires the same. With a market leading technology platform and the right trusted partnership then no business decision should be impacted and the ability to navigate through the world as we know comes with little to no impact or restriction.


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