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Putting Measures In Place for Christmas

Most companies’ parcel volumes increase coming into the festive period. We are all in the same boat. The problem is carriers don’t increase the number of vehicles they have on the roads. They do try maximising as much as they can.

Here are some pointers to try to get the most out of the carriers and prepare your warehouse, as they may have to work extended hours or slightly change processes during this period.

Carrier Pick Up Windows

Depending on your volumes ask your Account Manager to add a midday collection. Another way to ensure collections are done daily is to allow for a greater collection window. If your collection is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, advise that goods can be ready from 2:00pm. If your carrier arrives early, load what you have as they may not come back that day. Then, advise your Account Manager of what freight was not collected for the day to add to the following day’s collection. Have designated personnel that can stay after 5:00pm as drivers can be running late due to the high volumes.

Use Express Instead of General Service

General services can sometimes become very slow over Christmas and may wind up taking much longer than your usual transit times. Going express may cost a little more but will improve delivery times and provide your buyers with the peace of mind that their orders will arrive in time for Christmas.

Plan Early

The best way to ensure your freight is delivered on time is to plan early. Through timely planning you can assist your customers in beating the Christmas rush and ensuring your goods are delivered on time. For important consignments, we recommend allowing an extra day’s travel for the busy period, to avoid disappointment.

And this isn’t just for Christmas. Think ahead to sales season too. Anything you can plan for now, will set you up for a better customer experience come Boxing Day.

We advise to send Three Notifications to your customers:

1st Notification Beginning October – asking customers to start placing their Christmas orders in now

2nd Notification Beginning November – telling customers of extended delivery time frames / potential delays

3rd Notification Beginning December – Advising customers of last collections for deliveries before Christmas


The above are estimated based on last year’s latest dispatch dates. These should be confirmed in November by your Account Manager.


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